There Is Snow, but for How Long?


The snowpack is a big concern this year in California for various reason. As for the wilderness, this could mean smaller creeks drying up, lake levels being lower, and possibly dryer conditions. Should you be concerned about your trip?

There is still one more month to go to increase the snowpack. Back in 1991 there was a “miracle march” where the state was at 19% of normal for snow pack. By the end of the month it was up to 60%. Currently the state is holding at 31%. Not to mention valley temperatures are moving up into early to mid spring temperatures already!

If you plan to travel into the wilderness this summer, make sure to get the latest trail/wilderness information from the website and/or the Forest Service offices where you pick up your permit. Plan your trips closer to reliable water sources such as larger creeks, rivers, or lakes. Pack extra water on your trip too.

However, there still is one more month to go. One never knows what March will bring let alone April. As long as when it rains it is a cold rain, then the Sierra Nevada mountains will get the snow they need.

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