Trail Conditions


Backcountry Horsemen and Forest Service cross cut several downed trees within the Golden Trout Wilderness this past week. The trails cleared include: Clicks Creek (32E11), Fish Creek Trail from Grey Meadow to Fish Creek (32E12), Burnt Corral Meadow Trail (32E13), and part of the Lewis Camp Trail (33E01).

Users hiking around the Tamarack and Rifle Camp areas need to be cautious of fallen trees and trees affected by the Lion Fire last year. Several trees have already fallen since the fire causing users to create reroutes. A quarter mile north of Rifle Camp the trail disappears. White thorn and fallen burnt trees from previous fires have made it difficult to navigate, so make sure you know how to use a compass and a map to find your way.

Users heading south from Coyote Lakes should expect bad trail conditions. The lack of maintenance on the ridgeline has created an eroded and rocky stretch for about 2 miles. If you are going to take the Deep Creek Trail (32E06) after coming down from Coyote Lakes, the trail can be difficult to find according to a recent hiker. The trail goes through a meadow-like area and then disappears at that point until you find it on the other side.

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