Happy 1 Year Anniversary

A year ago today goldentroutwilderness.org (GTW.org) started off with the idea of providing free, accurate, and current information regarding the Golden Trout Wilderness. GTW.org wanted to provide users with a unique experience unlike other sites available on the internet. Instead of a subscription based site or a “collection of maps” for the wilderness, it was decided to create trips based on how many days a user wanted to remain in the wilderness. From day hikes to overnight to 7 day plus trips, users could select their length of stay, read the trip instructions, and download maps all for free.

Today GTW.org still plans on providing users with the most current information about the wilderness. The way GTW.org can do this is only from its users. Thank you fellow hikers and backpackers for submitting your stories about adventures into the wilderness and trail conditions. A special thanks to the Sequoia National Forest’s Western Divide Ranger District employees. Their front desk staff and recreation folks have provided valuable information and, most importantly, referred the public to this site. GTW.org wouldn’t be where it is today with the support and help of its users.

The future course for GTW.org is to continue on its current path. The belief in providing free and accurate information has attracted, in thee first year there, over 12,000 visitors to the site! Lets make that 30,000 visitors next year. How can you help? Keep spreading the word about the site, like us on facebook, and share your adventures and trail condition when you can.

Thank you all and maybe see you out on the trail!

– Joshua, owner

About Joshua

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