What Are Your Favorite Moments?


The 2012 backpacking season is now over and the 2013 season is just beginning. A lot of people enjoyed day trips to overnight trips throughout the Golden Trout Wilderness. What was your favorite moment while hiking? If you were able to take several different trips, what was your favorite trip? What are you looking forward to trying out in 2013?

I’ll start off by sharing one of my favorite trips into the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Sequoia National Forest side. In early June a group of us went to Maggie Lakes. Half of the group was new to backpacking. We were testing out our gear and outdoor skills for our big trip coming up in August. We took all day to hike to the lower lake from the Summit Trail trailhead and the same amount of time the next day. However, that didn’t matter to our group. We enjoyed talking, sharing stories, and being part of the wilderness. It was a quick overnight trip and it was hard to go home the next morning. We were the only ones out there so early in the season and the entire dispersed camp to ourselves.

I would say my favorite moment was just sitting around the campfire telling stories while waiting for the full moon to rise over the lower lake. We took photos and just watched the moon light up the rocks around the lake. You didn’t need a flashlight anymore to walk around in the dark. Good times!

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