Trails Report for 06-10-2013

Here is a trails report for June 10, 2013. Not all trails within the wilderness have been walked, but 20 miles on the Sequoia National Forest side has. If you have any updates to share, please do so in the comments section or click on Submit a Trails Report

Trail 32E11 (Clicks Creek Trail) to Trail 32E16

Starting at the end of FS road 20S64B, the climb down to trail 32E11 was full of down trees. Reroutes have been established to avoid the down trees. This only lasts for about 5 minutes or less, depending on how quickly you are moving downhill. Once on 32E11 towards the trail junction (32E16) to Grey Meadow, the trail is in good condition. One tree and one old chunk of a tree is on the trail. However, these are easily avoided without the use of a reroute.

Trail 32E16 to Grey Meadow

No problems. The trail is free of down trees.

Cutoff Trai to Little Kern River (near Alpine Creek confluence)

Leaving Grey Meadow, the trail is in good condition. No down trees are present. Trail junctions can easily be missed (i.e. cutoff to Trail 32E12 Mountaineer).

Trail 32E08 to Soda Spring Creek

Crossing the Little Kern River at the junction of Alpine Creek is requires taking off your shoes. Once across the trail is very faint. We were the only foot traffic on this trail so far this year. The trail becomes faint and sometimes disappears for the stretch between the confluence of Alpine and Little Kern to where the trail heads north (~1.5 miles). The last 1500 feet of the trail disappears prior to going north. Blow down is heavy in this area with trees everywhere. Keeping making your way west and you’ll find the portion of the trail going north. Once you head north the trail is easy to follow.

Unnamed Trail @ Soda Spring Creek to Lion Meadows

The unnamed trail crosses over Soda Spring Creek and heads east towards Lion Meadows. The trail is easy to follow. Some brushing is needed, but overall locating the trail isn’t a problem. The last 0.5 miles is where the trail fades out. If you lose the trail and cannot find your way, just follow Lion Creek east and you’ll meet up with trail 32E02. Trail 32E02 is a very popular and heavily used trail.

Trail 32E02 from Lion Meadows to Tamarack Creek

The trail is sandy at points, but otherwise no problems. The only section needing work is the drop into Tamarack Creek (~0.5 miles). There are a lot of burnt and dead trees. Some have fallen down on the trail. Be extra careful when walking through this section as these trees could come falling down at any given moment.

Trail 32E02 towards Burnt Corral Meadows

No problems.

Trail 32E13 at Burnt Corral Meadows to Grey Meadow

Most people cross-country through Burnt Corral Meadows, as a cutoff, to trail 32E13. If you decided to do this upon arrival at the meadow, just navigate to the large white sandy area on the southern side of the meadow. There you will pick up the trail heading towards Grey Meadow. Heading south on trail 32E13, there are no down trees. Some erosion in the form of gullies are present, but the trail is still easy to follow.

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