Watching the Weather


This is just a reminder to always check the weather before departing for you adventure. Knowing what to expect is an important part of preparing for you trip. Granted, you may only know a few days in advance. However, for a weekend trip out, knowing what to expect could be the difference between an enjoyable time vs. a miserable time.

The storm that blew in over the southern Sierra Nevada mountains Monday brought with it a lot of lightning and rain. Flash flood warnings were issued by the National Weather Service for the area. During the peak time for storm activity, the Sequoia National Forest observed 300+ lightning strikes. The heavy rains caused some debris to fall on the road as well as the streams to rise quickly.

If you happen to be caught in a storm, remember to stay away from streams as they tend to rise quickly. Avoid staying near trees that may be an attractant for lightning. Seek lower elevations if you are near the top of peaks or are on ridge-lines. Avoid areas with a lot of dead trees (snags) as the high winds could cause them to fall over. More information about storms and being outdoors can be read here -> How to Survive a Storm in the Middle of the Woods.

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