Fish Fire Now 1,450 Acres

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Incident: Fish Fire Wildfire
Released: 45 min. ago
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Acres: 1,450
Reported Date: August 23, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.
Cause: Lightning
Location: 25 miles northeast of Springville, CA
Containment: 7 percent
Fuels: Mixed conifer with brush understory
Terrain: Steep, rugged
Resources: 4 helicopters, 3 hotshot crews, 4 hand crews
Total Personnel: 213

The Fish Fire grew 450 acres yesterday. Fire crews continued their efforts to suppress the fire and containment increased to seven percent. Additional firefighting resources arrived to assist in the suppression effort and will be flown in to the fire by helicopter today.

A change in the weather is expected beginning tomorrow when afternoon and evening thunderstorms and a chance of rain are in the forecast.

Incident Commander Matt Reidy is encouraged by the efforts of the firefighters. Crews have constructed 3.5 miles of fire line in remote areas with limited resources. Supplies including food and water must either be flown in by helicopter or carried in by pack strings of horses and mules.

It is a priority of fire managers to maintain the qualities of the wilderness area. Fire crews have been instructed on special tactics to reduce their impact on the environment while keeping safety as their number one priority. Point protection of the structures located in Trout Meadows will be completed by fire crews today.

In an effort to provide for public safety, a closure has been put into place for the fire area in the Golden Trout Wilderness. More information on the area closure can be found at

Smoke may be visible from the surrounding communities throughout the day and is likely to settle into the valleys overnight and in the morning hours. Information on air quality and measures you can take at home to reduce your exposure to smoke can be found on for the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District or for the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District.

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