Soda Fire in Golden Trout Wilderness (SQF)


Springville, Calif., January 14, 2014—For Immediate Release. Smoke may be visible high in the Kern drainage from the Soda Fire.  This fire is located near Clicks Creek (one mile west of Gray Meadow) approximately ten miles northeast of Camp Nelson within the Golden Trout Wilderness.  This area is managed by the Western Divide Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest, and Forest Service (FS) personnel are responding to the incident.

Firefighters investigated smoke seen on a forest-monitoring webcam this morning and found the fire burning at an initial ten acres in size.  It is burning in shrubs, needle-cast, and dead-and-down materials. Many areas near the fire are covered in snow especially in drainage-bottoms shaded from the sun. Despite the patchy snow, the fire is spreading at a slow to moderate rate; but no structures are threatened and no evacuations are necessary at this time.  FS fire management is currently investigating this remote fire by aircraft to determine the best tactics to use in fighting the fire.  Strategies for dealing with the fire will consider firefighter and public safety, protection of property as well as cost management. A fire investigator has also been assigned to determine the cause of the fire.

It is anticipated that smoke from the Soda Fire will be settling into the wilderness valleys in the late evening and early morning, based upon known inversion patterns.  Additionally, down canyon winds in the evenings may push the smoke down the drainage. As the day warms and the inversion breaks, smoke should lift out of the Little Kern Drainage and be pushed to the northeast

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