Snow Arrives, However…


Last weeks storm brought snow to much of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. It is wonderful to see the mountains white and the air clear for those in the San Joaquin Valley. However, how much snow was dropped?

Snow surveys are completed around the first of the month February to May. Some places start and end later, but most surveys are done during this time. With most of the results in, here is what is going on for the Kern River Basin, which the wilderness resides within. According to the California Data Exchange Center’s current snow pack conditions, the Kern River Basin is at 15% of the normal average February 1 survey. Overall, since April 1 is the “most important,” the Kern River Basin is at 9% of normal.

What does that mean? Basically the Sierra Nevada mountains need more snow. There are chances of more storms coming up this next weekend. However, chances are slim at this point. If the trend continues, those visiting the wilderness this summer should stick to known water sources or hike earlier in the season rather than later. Please plan accordingly when the time comes. Share your info with others by contacting us or posting on our Facebook page.

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