Trail Report: Long Meadow Trail


The Long Meadow Trail (31E15) resides on Sequoia National Forest side and is the western most trail to access the wilderness. Thanks to Fortino for the trail report. Glad you had a safe and fun time! Brackets were added to report where the site admin added information for clarification.

We headed up to summit lake [31E15] out of the shake camp trailhead on the 16th of may! Weather was great not too hot or cold. There were about four big trees that had fallen over the trails. Three before the 3.5 mile climb up the last hill and one during. Summit lake had plenty snow on surrounding hills up to 2-3 ft in some spots. The campgrounds were clear of snow. Water was plentiful in the main river and some small streams along the way. Fish was also in a large abundance. We caught and released plenty of fish!

Fortino also mentioned a tip to future hikers.

Don’t forget your backup filter for water because the two we rented failed us while we were up there. Definitely wasn’t fun for a minute, luckily one of us had a small backup.

Thanks again Fortino for the trails report. Anyone else who may have gone on a trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness this year, please consider submitting a trails report. They help out so many users of the site, especially with water sources as the drought is a concern for the entire state.

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