Story: Trip to Summit Lake


A group of 5 headed up to Summit Lake within the Sequoia National Forest’s Golden Trout Wilderness. Their adventure began at Shake Camp, in Mountain Home State Forest, then proceeded up the Long Meadow Trail to Summit Lake. The trip is 7.6 miles in length.

Our trip was awesome and tough, but such beauty all around us. We all snapped tons of pictures.

Arriving at the trail head their adventure began during the weekend of May 17, 2014. Angel, a member of the group, submitted these photos and had a few things to say about his trip up to Summit Lake.


At the beginning of the trail head until Redwood crossing the trail was clear and clean, easy to navigate. After Redwood crossing things started getting a bit rough on the trail, we saw multiple downed trees and branches that were covering the trail at random points.


But we were still able to navigate and find our way to Summit Lake easily – we had to literally jump over 3-4 huge trees that were down along the trail, with big sections of branches everywhere around them.


Glad to hear Angel that you and the group enjoyed your time in the Golden Trout Wilderness and at Summit Lake. If you would like to see additional photos from their trip, please check out the link HERE. Thanks again Angel for the photos and trail report.

If you have visited the Golden Trout Wilderness this year or plan to, please consider submitting a trail report and/or a story of your adventure like the one above. The information is extremely helpful to so many users. The trail reports will also be shared with the appropriate Forest Service offices so they can direct trails crews or volunteer groups for maintenance needs.

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