Trail Report: Summit Trail


Thank you Patrick for the trail report. Patrick traveled along the Summit Trail to Maggie Lakes on the Sequoia National Forest side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Here is what he discovered.

Took summit trail from the main trailhead up to Maggie Lakes starting Saturday 5/24. The trail is in overall good condition but there are still snows on the ground in many places which makes the hiking slightly more strenuous. Many trees are down across the trail (mostly on the second half after Mowery Meadows) but are easily navigated around or over. There are several running streams with good flow, one within the first couple miles of the trail and the other near the end at Maggie Lakes. The 9 mile trek to the Lakes took us about five hours with quite a few breaks and lunch.

All the lakes are in good shape right now with all the campsites clear and the fire pits in good condition. There are fish in all lakes with us spotting several very large 16-18″ trout in the upper (larger) lake. We didn’t catch anything but did break one of the lines (4# test) on one of the larger fish. Lures didn’t seem to do much but they went after artificial night crawlers (we went fishing about mid day).

Came back down on 5/26 and took about 3.5 hours to get back to the trailhead.

If you have or plan to travel into the Golden Trout Wilderness, please consider leaving a trail report. A few minutes of your time can help others plan for a fun and successful trip into the wilderness this summer season.

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