Fishing Update

Photo provide by Sequoia Fishing Company

The last major river flowing out of the Golden Trout Wilderness is the North Fork Middle Fork Tule River on the Sequoia National Forest side. A very popular trail is the Long Meadow Trail leading to Summit Lake. The trail begins at Shake Camp within the Mountain Home State Forest.

If you plan on traveling this trail, check out some of the fishing not to far from the wilderness boundary. Thanks to Chuck Stokke from the Sequoia Fishing Company for the photo and videos. You can check out the videos HERE to see a part of his hike as well as reeling in fish.

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2 Responses to Fishing Update

  1. Bill says:

    I would like to fish in the Golden Trout Wilderness this May. I normally enter at “Forks of the Kern” in the late summer when the water is lower, I’m concerned that my normal entry point is too dangerous with the spring runoff. Can you give any tips regarding good backpacking / fishing combo trips in the Golden Trout Wilderness in May

  2. Joshua says:

    With so little snow, it may not be as dangerous but we shall see. For now there are two other options for you to consider. Assuming the roads will be opened by the time you want to go fishing and that you are wanting to fish on the Little Kern, you can try a hike down to the Little Kern River from the Clicks Creek trailhead ( or a trip to the Little Kern Bridge (

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