Trail Report: Silver Knapsack Trail


The Silver Knapsack Trail is a 5 day trip into the Sequoia National Forest side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Users will not find signs or labels stating they are on the Silver Knapsack Trail. This trip is more of a route as it is actually uses several trails both on the National Forest and National Park. An oral report was given about the trail conditions. Here is what was discovered. Brackets were added for clarification by the admin.

We took a week-long trip starting last Thursday.  Snow began at Mowery Meadow and continued to the ridge before Maggie Lakes.  Anywhere from a couple of inches to 2-3 feet.  Maggie Lakes to Summit Lake didn’t have much snow, but when we arrived at Windy gap there was more snow.  We had some difficulty following the trail due to snow, markers (ribbons) missing, and near Lion Fire [Likely along the Newlywed Trail from the snow cabin down to Soda Spring Creek / Walker Cabin] there were foot high white thorn bushes growing back from a fire burned area.  The trail tread was gone and we at times followed bear scat.

If you have or plan to travel into the Golden Trout Wilderness, please consider leaving a trail report. A few minutes of your time can help others plan for a fun and successful trip into the wilderness this summer season.

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