Trail Report: Summit Lake


Thanks Alan for the trail report on your recent trip to Summit Lake. Here is what he had to say about his adventure into the wilderness. Brackets with additional info were added for clarification by site admin.

I was up there on 6/21-22/2014 and predictably the river crossings were pretty easy due to the dry winter we had, I didn’t see the downed tree at Redwood Crossing but I wasn’t looking for it either. The trail is well signed and seems well traveled making it easy to follow, even up the steep climb. I camped about as far east as possible on the GTW side of the boundary [Park Service and Forest Service] near the lake and I was the only person there as far as I could tell. There is a use-trail that climbs to the right just before the National Park signage and there are several places that would make a good campsites, there are NP boundary signs on some of the trees south of the trail. There are people who obviously camp right at the lake, presumably illegally, but I have to imagine they get eaten alive by mosquitoes that close to the water. Just to mix it up I hiked out by going north past the lake and west on the trail that connects over to Summit Meadow, the trail doesn’t get much use and can be hard to follow but not impossible. This added around 3 miles to trip and doesn’t offer any more scenery than you’d get on the trail, but it’s nice to not have to backtrack the whole hike out.

Thanks again Alan for the update. If you are anyone you may know has ventured out into the wilderness this season, please consider sharing your adventure/report with the rest of the users on the site. The information you provide will help others plan according, especially noting where water sources are along the way. Simply submit a trail report, post it on the trip page, or on Facebook.

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