Fishing Along the Long Meadow Trail (31E15)


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Chuck Stokke from Sequoia Fishing Company in Springville went on a fishing trip with a friend of his up the Long Meadow Trail. This time it was a day trip on horseback thanks to the local packing station near the trailhead. The Long Meadow Trail (31E15) is located on the western most portion of the Golden Trout Wilderness is the Sequoia National Forest. Most users start in Shake Camp and hike the trail to Summit Lake or to access the National Park.

Chuck reported back on his fishing trip as well as the trail conditions. He even mentioned what he was using to catch the fish. Here is what he had to say about his fishing trip into the wilderness.

My friend an I went out of shake camp next to Balch park pack station yesterday on horseback to the third crossing (about 2 hours on the trail ) fly fishing was excellent using a stimulator with a non bead head pheasant. We caught many rainbows and browns! The trail was in good shape except close to the third crossing there was a tree blocking the trail if you are in horseback! Hiking the trail is no problem.

Thanks again Chuck not only for a fishing update, but a trail update too. Since the fishing was great, you know that means there is still water flowing in the North Fork Middle Fork Tule River. Time to get outside and do some fishing, yes?

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