Trail Report: Summit, Mountaineer, Fish Creek, and Clicks Creek Trails


Over the 4th of July an individual by the alias of HorsePoor4Ever decided to do a nice loop through the Sequoia National Forest’s side of the Golden Trout Wilderness on horseback. The user went along the Summit Trail (31E14), then down the Mountaineer Trail (32E10), took the Fish Creek Trail (32E12) for a bit, and then went up Clicks Creek Trail (32E11) to close the loop to the Summit Trail. Here is what the user discovered on their trip plus the GPS track (click here).

4th of July I did a loop out of Clicks Creek from Summit Trail to Mountaineer Trail to Fish Creek Trail and home via Clicks Creek Trail.  The entire loop was clear and easily stock passable except for a 2ish mile section of Mountaineer Trail out of Mowery Meadow.  This section had lots of blow downs.  There was one spot around the second creek crossing that was blocked off by someone with brush and a trail that crossed the creek.  This trail dead ended.  The correct trail was through the brush.  Horse had to bunny hop a dozen or more trees and wade through lots of branches to get around the ones that were too big to jump.  I did notice some pink ribbons, so maybe this was cleared after I passed through.  Took about 3 hours to get through 2ish miles with a horse.

If you or anyone else you may know did a trip into the Golden Trout, whether a day hike or over night trips, please consider sharing your trail info. Sharing trail information continues to help others plan their trips accordingly.  Any problems encountered, such as down trees or parts of the trail missing, will be sent to the Forest Service too. Thanks!


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