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In case you were unaware, there are two new volunteer groups that have been added to the side bar of the website. One is called United Trail Maintainers of California and Backcountry Horsemen of California. You can click on the links above or the images on the sidebar of the of this site to visit their websites. Here is quick look at what each group is about.

United Trail Maintainers of California

The mission of United Trail Maintainers of California (UTMC) is to protect and preserve access to public lands by maintaining public trails. We strive to foster cooperation and understanding among all user-groups by involving a diverse population of trail users.

We work primarily in the Los Padres and Sequoia National Forests nearly every weekend and throughout the summer. We are able to provide trail maintenance services that include using certified crosscut and chainsaw sawyers. We frequently use pack animals in our work and are able to provide pack support to other trail maintenance organizations as well as to government agencies.

There is no membership in our organization. Everyone is welcome to participate and your help is needed and greatly appreciated.

UTMC was formed in 2012 by individuals seeking to organize their efforts. In 2013, we were granted 501c3 public charity status.

Backcountry Horsemen of California

To improve and promote the use, care and development of California backcountry trails, campsites, streams and meadows; to advocate good trail manners.

To promote the conservation and utilization of our backcountry resources in concert with livestock transportation.

To keep the backcountry trails and forage areas open to horsemen on all public lands.

To keep current information before the Corporation membership and its local Units regarding new legislation or management plans related to government regulations of the backcountry.

To support or oppose new proposals, plans and restrictions as related to the interest of horsemen and those persons interested in recreational stock use and enjoying the backcountry.

To promote the interest of people who, due to health or physical factors, need
transportation other than by foot on backcountry trails.

To assist in keeping the public informed of the vital need for a clean backcountry.

To promote a working relationship with and keep the work and interests of the Corporation before our local, state and federal officials.

To assist in the formation and continuation of local Units to carry out these purposes.

To promote public awareness and interest in the historical aspect of horsemen and stock in the backcountry and to help educate backcountry users on ways to use the trail and forage in a manner that conserves the backcountry resources.

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