Trail Report: Maggie Lakes


A recent trip to Maggie Lakes provided some gorgeous views and solitude despite drought conditions. Todd spent last weekend enjoy the lakes. Here is what he had to report about his Fall trip:

We just got back from Maggie Lakes this past weekend (10/10-10/12 trip). There was still a decent amount of water flowing at the first stream (South Mountaineer Creek). Nothing was flowing in any other streams or out any of the lakes. The upper lake level had dropped about 5′, the middle lake about 1′, and the lower lake about 2′. Very dry, but still gorgeous. We did manage to find a single wildflower that wasn’t dead, but that was about it. Almost no signs of wildlife, except for squirrels and birds. We had great weather. Probably in the mid-60s during the day and low-40s at night. No dew in the mornings, which was nice.

Thanks Todd for the report. Sounds like water can be found at South Mountaineer Creek, about a 1/2 a mile from the Summit Trailhead. Good to hear water is still in the lakes too!

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  1. Alex M says:

    Any photos you have publicly posted?

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