Video: 30 Mile Hike to Maggie Lakes and Back

A small groups trip out to Maggie Lakes this past summer. As user tstromvall states on his YouTube page:

In the southern Sierras way out in roadless wilderness and up at 9200 feet elevation there are three small lakes named Maggie Lakes. You can only get there by foot or horseback and very few people set out to reach this camp. The hike up to the lakes are usually only ten miles but we parked further down the trail making it fifteen. The elevation gain on the map is only about 1500 feet but in reality the trail goes up and down all the way and is partially very rocky making it a lot more challenging than the average ten mile hike. The thin air at this altitude combined with the weight of the gear (and beer) adds another level of misery.

Up at the camp by the lake we met a group of Cowboys that had been riding in. Really great guys with tons of awesome stories and plenty of steaks and whiskey since the pack horses could carry 200 pounds of gear. I want a horse too 🙂

Fishing was awesome! Freshwater trout fishing is always frustrating but we got the hang of fly fishing and were grilling those little delicacies for dinner.

Cannot wait to get back out into the wild!

Glad to hear you and your group had a good time!

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