So Little Snow


The snow results are in for the March 1 surveys and the results are not looking good. The Kern River drainage is the dominant drainage within the Golden Trout Wilderness. Currently we are at 19% of normal for a March 1 snow pack. The April 1 date is the “big date” for the State and the Kern River is at 17% of normal so far.

What will this mean for this seasons backpacking and outdoor activities in the wilderness? If the trend continues, it is very likely we will see the same conditions last year or worse. It is recommended to plan your trips accordingly and find out the latest water information (i.e. creeks that have water or not). It would be horrible to plan a trip and arrive at your destination with no water. Yes, there is still a month or two to go and “Miracle Marches” can happen. Let’s hope one does, but in the meantime start thinking about what to do if the trend continues.

One can expect to see stream flow updates here as soon as we hear about them. If you do plan to go out this summer, please consider sending back trail, trip, and/or water reports. Last year users did so and it was a HUGE help to so many. Join our Facebook page and share information there too if you’d like.

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