Partial Road Opening: North Road 21S50

Gates are open! - FS Road 21S50

Gates are open! – FS Road 21S50

Forest Service Road 21S50 on the Sequoia National Forest, known as “The North Road”, is open…partially. The road is open for 4.5 miles where you find the first major “Y”. Pavement ends at this point. If you would go left and stay on the unpaved portion of 21S50, you would end up at Clicks Creek TH #1 and eventually the Summit Trailhead. This section is still closed. However, continue straight ahead on a dirt road and follow the signs to the Golden Trout Wilderness Pack Station. Drive a little further and you’ll arrive at the Lewis Camp Trailhead. Here users can access portions of the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Lewis Camp Trailhead provides access to popular destinations like the Little Kern River, Gray Meadow,  and the Little Kern Bridge. Many users take this route in the wilderness when coming from Highway 190. This is also a popular entry trail for those needing stock from the pack station.

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