Trail Report: 33E20

Down Tree on 33E20

According to a hiker named Scotty, the trail that goes between Forks of the Kern TH and Kern Flat (33E20) contains one down tree on the Sequoia National Forest side of the wilderness. The location is across from the Rattlesnake Creek confluence with the Kern River on some switchbacks. Users had to scramble up and around the tree, but nothing major. The trail otherwise is fine.

Thanks Scotty for the trail update. The information was passed along to the Forest Service. Hopefully they can or have a volunteer group come and remove the down tree.

If you have any trail/water flow information, please consider sharing. The information in turn will be posted here for other users of the wilderness to read and plan accordingly. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Trail Report: 33E20

  1. Michael Brush says:

    Now I know reporting (particularly large) downed trees is important. A few weeks ago I do remember a very large tree across the trail between Jordan Hot Springs and where Ninemile Creek meets Long Canyon Creek. Had to scramble my not really skinny self up the dead branches, and the side of the trail was rather thorny. Don’t know if the Forest Service has been there since.

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