Trip Report: Fishing the Kern River/Lakes – Sequoia NF

chuck_fishing_may2015 Long time local fisherman Chuck Stokke, who owns Sequoia Fishing Company in Springville, recently sent in a trip report. Chuck reported on water conditions in Trout and Willow Meadow on top of his fishing trip to the Kern River and Kern Lakes area. Here is what he had to say (brackets added by web admin for clarity purposes):

Went on a pack trip with friends to the Kern river for four days. [It was] 8 hours in to the big lake area. As we passed over the Little Kern the flow was much better than expected. Passing through Trout Meadow and Willow Meadow the conditions were dry. Arriving to the Kern River near Grasshopper Flats the river flow was very good and it surprised us how fast the flow was! We caught many Kern rainbows on the river near big lake ranging from 15 to 20 inches. We fished 2 solid days with great success. The horse back ride was approx 22 miles. [Stock rented from Golden Trout Pack Station]

Thanks Chuck! Looks like it was a rewarding trip for sure. If anyone else has fishing/trail/trip reports, please consider sharing them.

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