Volunteer Opportunities with Wilderness Corps


While on a wilderness trail you notice a down tree blocking your path. Like others before you a reroute was created. How about seeing a lot of erosion on a trail and wanting to fix it? Well now you can with one of the few volunteer groups for the Golden Trout Wilderness called Wilderness Corps.

Wilderness Corps is a non-profit organization (501(c)3) founded in 2013 with a mission permanently protect and restore Wilderness and other wild lands and waters by to building a National Group of Leaders through Wilderness Stewardship. Wilderness Corps provides programs for young Adults, Veterans, and Senior Citizens from the USA to learn the best practices in Environmental Stewardship, Trail Rehabilitation and Volunteer Management.

At Wilderness Corps, they value integrity, sustainability, adaptability, and stewardship. What exactly do these definitions mean to Wilderness Corps? Read below:

  • Integrity: We are dedicated to working hard, upholding the highest ethical, moral and technical standards and most of all having fun. We do this because we have an obligation to ourselves, our communities, and the environment.
  • Sustainability: The future viability of our Wilderness Area’s depends on the work we do today. We strongly believe that everyone has a contribution to make in sustaining the health of our Wilderness.
  • Adaptability: The longevity of systems are those that bring together the strengths of everyone involved. We are passionate about developing people’s abilities’ across social, economic, gender, and political lines.
  • Stewardship: Everyone, everywhere, can act to improve our Wilderness Area’s; these contributions enrich givers social circles, the natural environment, and communities.

Check out Wilderness Corps today if you are considering doing volunteer work. There is nothing more rewarding then hands on work at the end of the day. What you complete one day on the trail will benefit others for generations to come.

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