Storm Brings Several Wildfires to SQF Side of Wilderness

Source: Inciweb. Wildfires within the Golden Trout Wilderness are in BOLD font. No trail closures at this time.

Numerous lightning strikes ignited seven wildland fires in the Western Divide Ranger District, Giant Sequoia National Monument in the past 24 hours. The following fires were discovered and are in different stages of being suppressed.

Jordan Fire (1/10 acre) and the Lookout Fire (10X15 feet) are both burning near Jordan Peak Lookout. The fire burning on the ground has been contained on both fires, and crews will begin to mop up hot spots. Each fire has a fifty-inch plus diameter lightning struck tree that continues to burn within the fires perimeter.

The Jacobsen Fire and Crest Fire are both located near Wishon Campground. Firefighters are making their way into these two fires today. Due to heavy cloud cover and high winds, the use of aircraft has been limited. A reconnaissance flight is expected over the fires this morning to direct firefighters into these two fires, both are located in steep terrain with difficult access.

An additional four fires were discovered burning in the Golden Trout Wilderness this morning. Smoke jumpers are making their way into three of the fires, the Clicks, Parole, and Cabin Fires. The Castle Fire, ignited by lightning on July 5th, has become active again. Firefighters will make their way back into the Castle Fire as resources become available.

Storms continue to pass through the southern sierra mountains and bring the threat of lightning and more fires. Lightning caused fires can go undetected for days or weeks until forest materials dry enough to allow flames to spread. Forest Service firefighters will continue to engage wildfires in ways that reduce risk to firefighter and public safety, property, infrastructure, and valuable natural and cultural resources. At this time there are no trail or road closures in the Western Divide Ranger District.

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