Water Source Report for SQF Side


The drought is taking its toll, which means some of the creeks are drying up in the Golden Trout Wilderness. Here is a list of the known streams still to have flows on the Sequoia National Forest side of the wilderness.

  • Tamarack Creek = Flowing
  • Shotgun Creek = Flowing
  • Willow Creek = Flowing
  • Sheep Creek = Flowing
  • Lion Meadows Creek = Flowing
  • Little Kern River (headwaters down to Forks of the Kern) = Flowing
  • Alpine Creek (Parole cabin to Little Kern River) = Flowing
  • Soda Spring Creek = Flowing
  • Kern River = Flowing

Lakes that have been reported to still have water are as follows.

  • Maggie Lakes
  • Summit Lake
  • Coyote Lake
  • Bullfrog Lakes
  • Silver Lake
  • Kern Lake
  • Little Kern Lake

If you have additional information about stream flows, please share. This will be a big help for others planning their summer trips during the fourth year of the drought. Thanks!

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1 Response to Water Source Report for SQF Side

  1. Jim Schurko says:

    Any updates as of September? Planning on heading up to Angora Mt. & Coyote Peaks at the end of the month and need to know if there is any water on the way

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