Wildfire Update: Cabin Fire Burns Beyond Containment Lines

A new release regarding the wildfire posted earlier today.

SPRINGVILLE, California, July 29, 2015 –The Cabin Fire, ignited by lightning the weekend of July 18th, has burned beyond containment lines in the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Western Divide Ranger District in Sequoia National Forest.  It was an estimated 180 acres in size as of 5 p.m. this evening.

Firefighters will gain access to the fire as soon as it is safe to do so. Smoke Jumpers were not able to access the fire today due to erratic winds making it unsafe to jump. Crews are preparing to hike into the fire first thing tomorrow morning.

The Cabin Fire was ignited when two trees, 50 feet apart, were both struck by lightning.  The fire was contained to two acres on July 22nd and was being patrolled.  Early this morning a reconnaissance flight patrolling lightning-caused fires over the area did not see smoke. Later this afternoon, the Cabin Fire was observed spreading rapidly beyond containment lines.

Forest Service firefighters will continue to engage wildfires in ways that reduce risk to firefighter and public safety, property, infrastructure, and valuable natural and cultural resources. As more information becomes available for these fires, it will be posted on Inciweb at http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4423/ Please check for updates on this website.

At this time there are no trail or road closures in the Western Divide Ranger District. Visitors are asked to call ahead to check on conditions and obtain weather forecasts prior to travel in the mountains.  Please call (559) 539-2607 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for latest fire and weather updates.

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