Updates to the Maps Section

One addition and one change was made the Maps section of the website:


Added a new link for USGS Topoview. Users can now easily download JPGs, KMZs, PDFs, and TIFF files of USGS topo maps dating back to the 1880’s (depending where in the country) to the present. Earliest I could find for the Golden Trout Wilderness was the 1904 and 1907 1:125,000 maps by the USGS. Anyway, this could be a great resource should you ever wonder “was there a trail here at one point?” or if you simply prefer a different version from the Forest Service topos.


A minor update for the US Forest Service topo maps link. The maps have been updated to 2014 according to the website and no longer 2012. The list of maps are now complete for the Sequoia National Forest. No more “missing” geo-referenced maps. The link on the Preparation->Maps reflects that.

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