Griswold Trail Re-Opened

Griswold Trail meets with Summit Trail

View of the Griswold Trail at its Junction with the Summit Trail

The Griswold Trail (31E18) runs through the Sequoia National Monument, Mountain Home State Forest, and the western side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Most people would access the trail from Moses Gulch Campground by crossing the river and heading south towards Miner’s Cabin. Once they pass the cabin and climb up onto the end of a small ridge (see State Forest Map) The Griswold Trail goes uphill to the east. The State Forest maintains this section of the trail which follows below and through their boundary. Once the Griswold Trail junctions with the Eastside Trail, little to no maintenance has been seen on the remaining portion of the Griswold Trail. The trail makes its way up to junction with the Summit Trail near Griswold Meadow. Thankfully this past summer, things have changed.

The Griswold Trail was reopened this past summer! However, the trail signs have not been replaced,  so junctions can be easy to miss if you are getting in “the zone” while hiking (see the following images below). It is an uphill climb all the way to the junction with the Summit Trail. Take your time and plan accordingly especially if you are going downhill from the Summit Trail.

Griswold Sign Down near Miner's Cabin

Remains of Griswold Trail sign south of Miner’s Cabin

Griswold Sign Down

Griswold Trail sign remains at junction with Eastside Trail

Users may want to consider hiking down this trail as part of the “alternate route to Maggie Lakes.” Instead of turning back around and heading back towards Summit Lake, users could head south along the Summit Trail, go west at the junction with Griswold Trail, and end up back in Moses Gulch Campground making one large loop.

Unfortunately with the recent snow fall, this trail may receive little use until next year in late spring. If you are able to hike it this season, please share you experience. You can share it below in the comments section or Facebook.


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1 Response to Griswold Trail Re-Opened

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for the trip report report, inspired me and two others to finish the route yesterday.

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