4 Years and Going

4 years of goldentroutwilderness.org

Four years ago today, goldentroutwilderness.org was created. It was launched with the simple idea that information about our publicly owned wilderness should be free. Only a few people knew of the site in the beginning. By word of mouth, the website was shared and started to grow into what it is today.

Today the website has reached over 139,000 views. Within those views over 38,000 visitors have browsed the site for one reason or another. Whether it is the latest road information, needing a place to venture to, getting a boy scout badge, or whatever it may be, it has been a privilege and joy to help you, the visitor, find what you need.

I want to thank the new and returning visitors. You make this site the way it is. You provide encouragement and motivation to continue the site upkeep as well as staying up on the latest information. I have enjoyed receiving and sharing links to videos from your trips, trail reports, and trip reports with photos. I strongly believe these “real stories” inspire others to get outside. In my opinion, the more use on the trails the better. Otherwise they may fade away. Thankfully there are volunteer groups to help where the National Forests may not have the resources to do so.

There are now 4 volunteer groups linked to the front page. I encourage all users to seriously consider spending a day or two with a group of your choice. Personally there is nothing like doing trail work and giving back to the outdoor community. The work you will do will help maintain and potential preserve the trails for years to come. Memories are created as well as lasting friendships.

Going forward, I plan on hearing more from each of you with regards to, but not limited to, stories, questions, planning trips, and trail reports. Continue to share what you have learned and observed while on the trail. Our Facebook page is a great way to communicate with the fans of the wilderness. Another way is to find the trip you went on, or close to it, and leave a comment. A great example is on the Jordan Hot Springs where users have shared their memories of pre-wilderness days. Check it out when you can.

Lets make this next year another great one. Five years of goldentroutwilderness.org here we come!


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3 Responses to 4 Years and Going

  1. Richard Luppi says:

    Thanks, Joshua. I just returned from Jordon Hot Springs last month after 34 years. Much has changed and I will share photos of my recent backpacking trip. Cheers, Richard

  2. Alan Stevens says:

    Thanks Joshua. I almost like planning trips as much as going on them, and this site is a great resource. I wish more places had this type of site about them. Keep up the good work!

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