“Hot Spots” in 2015

Last year was the most active year for goldentroutwilderness.org. There was over 53,000 page views generated from over 16,000 visitors! I am glad so many people are finding this site helpful in one way or another. However, with all the visitors to the site, are you curious what areas of the wilderness are the most “popular” or “hot spots” to visited?

Now these “hot spots” do not necessarily mean each visitor actually went out into the wilderness after reading the trip information. This simply means it was the most visited for one reason or another. However, I would venture to guess these are some of the more popular locations to visit when going into the Golden Trout Wilderness. There may be some correlation. Anyway, without further delay here are the Top 5.

2015’s Most Popular Trips

  1. Jordan Hots Springs – Inyo NF
  2. Maggie Lakes – Sequoia NF
  3. Little Kern Lake – Sequoia NF
  4. Kern Flat – Sequoia NF
  5. Forks of the Kern – Sequoia NF

Last year number 5 was the Little Kern River and only by 17 visits more than Forks of the Kern. This year, the Forks of the Kern had a 300+ visitor lead over Little Kern River. You may not find that interesting, but for some of you who enjoy numbers and stats might :).

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