Come On Snow!


Reports regarding the State snow surveys were not looking so good. Are we higher than last year at this time? Yes, but the rain/snow has been quiet and the temps have warmed up. Officials are pushing for increased conservation efforts, which leads one to believe that so far the winter storms not what people were hoping for this season. The warming weather isn’t helping things either.

Spring is in the valley and foothills. Photos of wildflowers taking advantage of the moisture we have received. Trees are budding and welcoming the warmer temps here in the lower San Joaquin Valley. Springs seems to be saying “good-bye” to winter. However, this weekend may give us another bump we so desperately need here in California.

A winter storm is coming in this weekend. Reports are optimistic about what it could bring to the Sierra Nevada mountains. A facebook posting from Sequoia National Park stated they are expecting a foot or more of snow this weekend and warned visitors to bring chains. Whether you cross your fingers, hope, and/or pray for rain/snow, it would be nice to see some white covered peaks and mountains again like we had back on the February 1 survey. I am looking forward to white covered peaks, are you?

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