More Roads are Open

More roads have opened in preparation for Memorial Day weekend! The quick list of roads now open are listed below. Included is a brief idea of commonly visited areas associated with the roads opening.

Mountain Home State Forest (Balch Park and Bear Creek Roads) – Provides access to western edge of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Common places to go are Summit Lake and Maggie Lakes.

Black Rock opens but is only accessible from the east side as Sherman Pass is still closed. One would have to drive up Hwy 395 to Nine Mile Canyon to Black Rock. Black Rock provides access to the Black Rock TH into Casa Vieja Meadow and Jordan Hot Springs.

Horseshoe Meadow road is now open. This provides access to the eastern most side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Common places to go are Chicken Spring Lake, Cottonwood Lakes, and a starting point to access Mount Whitney from the West.

Roads that are still needing to be opened are Sherman Pass (SQF), North Road (SQF), and Mineral King (NPS). These are still planned to be opened for Memorial Day weekend, but road conditions may change to unexpected maintenance and/or weather. If you are needing access via the two closed roads mentioned, make sure to call before leaving for your trip.

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