Message from the Sequoia National Forest

Porterville, California, May 26, 2016 –With more than one million acres of public lands that include wilderness areas, lakes, trails and campgrounds, the Sequoia National Forest encourages the public to “get outdoors” this Memorial Day weekend.

While recreation opportunities abound, visitors should be aware that the ongoing drought and bark beetle infestations are causing millions of trees to die on California’s forests. This summer, visitors need to pay attention to tree mortality safety precautions as well as water considerations before traveling.

According to Forest Supervisor Kevin Elliott, the safety of visitors is the number one concern of the U.S. Forest Service. “Trees are dying in unprecedented numbers in California – this mortality will change the face of recreation opportunities on the Sequoia National Forest this summer.”

There is serious danger of falling dead and dying trees – not only in developed campgrounds, but throughout the forests along backcountry hiking trails, roads, and in remote or dispersed recreation areas,” Elliott said.

“Take caution not to camp under or near dead trees – even green trees can be dying but just haven’t turned brown yet,” Elliott added. “Please keep a safe distance from dead and dying trees and enjoy your national forest safely.”

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