North Road (21S50) Still Closed

One of the last remaining roads will likely remain closed over the holiday weekend. Forest Service road 21S50, aka The North Road, will likely keep users from access the Summit, Clicks Creek, and Lewis Camp Trailheads. Why? There is a large snow drift that would take heavy equipment to break through. Unless things change within the next day or two, the gate won’t be open for users to drive through. Don’t let this detour your from access the wilderness on the Sequoia side as there are other opportunities.

Access to western parts of the Golden Trout Wilderness are available and not associated with the North Road. If you were wanting to get to Maggie Lakes, consider going in from the Mountain Home out of Shake Camp. The Griswold Trail was opened as was the Jacobsen Trail last year, which allow access to the Summit Trail at two different locations.

If you are wanting to get into the Little Kern River drainage, you still can by accessing the Jerkey Meadow Trailhead. Simple drive up the Lloyd Meadow Road and gain access to areas where the Lewis Camp and Clicks Creek trails would have taken you.

Please keep in mind that the alternative routes to these locations may add additional miles to hike as well as additional challenges. It is recommend you study the maps, ask questions, and plan accordingly before heading out. Putting in the extra effort may save you headaches and frustration, so plan ahead. Be safe, enjoy the 3 day weekend outdoors, and consider sending in a trail/trip report. They are always so helpful to future summer users of the wilderness.

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