Trip Report: Little Kern River


User, known as hikerdude87, from the High Sierra Topix forums, went to check out the Little Kern River back in mid June. He took several photos of their trip, which can be seen in his original posting HERE. Below is his trip report narative.

Had some days off of work last week so I decided to take my gf to check out the Little Kern River via Clicks Creek Trail. I have been to this spot several times before and I’ve always enjoyed camping there. It takes you into the Golden Trout Wilderness from the Western Sierra. It is about 6.8 miles to the campsite with about 1800 ft of elevation lost. So it isn’t too bad getting to this spot since it is all downhill but the hike back is the worst. Of course one would hope that the pack would be a little lighter from all the food that was consumed. The campsite sits at the confluence of Mountaineer Creek and the Little Kern River and actually has some semi-developed campsites. When we were there we only saw one family so it was nice to have the whole area to ourselves. Weather was great, probably 70s during the day and a cool 40s at night. Mosquitoes weren’t too noticeable and were only bad at the first meadow we passed. A lot of flowers were blooming as well.

Parts of the trail skirted along the area that was burned during the 2014 Soda Fire. We saw lot of trees partially burned at the trunk. We also saw very large holes where a tree would be but did not see any signs of the tree. I don’t think I’ve seen that before so do the trees burn up completely or does the forest service remove those trees?

A lot of water flowing on Alpine Creek. Hoping to catch a Little Kern Golden trout at this deep pool. Water was still pretty cold but I did jump in for a second. Later in the summer this area is a great spot to cool off.

Did a little bit of fishing on the Little Kern and was able to catch a couple Little Kern golden trouts. There was still strong flow from the rivers so fishing was a little difficult. But I was able to find calm sections of the river that I was able to fish.

About 3 hours later we were back at our car and ready to head back home. We decided to take the more scenic route back home so we took the Western Divide Highway (M107). We stopped by to see the Trail of the 100 Giants and then continued on down Mountain Hwy 90 to Kernville where we got great beers at food at Kern River Brewing Company. After that it was the long trek back to LA to unpack and clean up the gear.

Thanks hikerdude87 for letting me post your trip report here on the GTW website. For all, if you want to see several photos from their journey make sure to check out the link HERE.

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