Fishing Report: Kern River

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Kern River at Sunrise – Photo taken by Chuck Stokke

Chuck Stokke, from Sequoia Fishing Company, sent in a collection of photos from a recent trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness. The area viewed is approximately 13 miles into the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Sequoia National Forest side on the Kern River (near Kern Lakes). Check out the catch in the photos below. Are you ready to go catch some fish?

If you are interested, stop by the Sequoia Fish Company store in Springville on your way up to the Golden Trout Wilderness. Chuck would be happy to share some knowledge of the area and supply your fishing needs. You can also purchase things online. You’ll be helping a local business too!

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1 Response to Fishing Report: Kern River

  1. Brian says:

    I backpacked in and fly-fished the same location as the pictures. That was july 17, right around the time Chuck was there. Many of the fishing services use horses and mules, and they have left significant amounts of manure by the Kern Lakes and the grassy banks of the Kern River. As I fished, the strong smell was a nuisance and the piles were at the water’s edge, making it difficult to avoid stepping into it. The banks were eroded by stock being tethered there. Historically, a stock train driver carried a shovel to manage the manure. My family has managed livestock for 150 years and I have shoveled a lot of manure. Perhaps the guides and stock trains would consider carring a shovel and placing manure away from the fishing and camping areas in keeping with historical courtesy.

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