Wildfire Update: Hidden Fire


Photo source: InciWeb

Hidden Fire continues to burn within the Golden Trout Wilderness and is up to approximately 280 acres. The fire is located on the western edges of the GTW by Mountain Home State Forest. More information about the current conditions are below.

Source: InciWeb

The Hidden Fire, burning along the eastside of Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest, and inside the Golden Trout Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest grew about 100 acres yesterday. The current size is approximately 283 acres. The fire continued backing along its western edge into the Mountain Home Sequoia Grove. Aircraft was used to slow the fires spread to the east.

Fire managers plan to utilize a trail system to contain the southern edge of the fire in the Silver Creek drainage. If conditions are favorable, they may utilize aerial ignition to the north of the fire up the North Fork of the Middle Fork Tule River drainage to prevent fire from spreading further into this drainage. Weather conditions today are expected to moderate fire behavior due to increased relative humidity and decreased temperature.

“Wildland fires are a reality in the Sierra Nevada,” stated District Ranger Eric LaPrice. “By managing lightning fires for resource benefits when conditions provide for a low intensity burn, fire managers can reduce the risk of high-severity fires that threaten communities, emit more smoke and cost more money to put out.”

The Forest Service and CAL FIRE are working together to confine and contain the Hidden Fire to a designated area across both jurisdictions while ensuring firefighter and public safety. The Hidden fire is expected to grow to as much as 3000 acres before full containment can be reached, including approximately 800 acres in Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest.

Fire officials are working with air quality specialists to monitor particulate matter from smoke and share that information with the public, as well as advise them of precautions they can take to reduce their exposure.

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