Wildfire Update for Sequoia National Forest

Information was just released this morning from the Sequoia National Forest regarding the Hidden Fire, Jacobsen Fire, and others outside of the wilderness area.

Springville, Ca. – November 18, 2016Four wildfires, Hidden, Meadow, Jacobson, and Slate Fires, burning above Springville on the Sequoia National Forest will continue to smolder and burn until wet weather arrives.  Despite cooler temperatures, the brief periods of higher humidities hasn’t dampened the vegetation enough to extinguish the fires.

The lightning caused Hidden Fire, burning in the Golden Trout Wilderness and along the eastside of Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest, has grown to 404 acres. Firefighters from the Forest Service and CAL FIRE are working to contain the western edge of the fire along a road, and the southern edge along a trail in the Silver Creek drainage. The fire is expected to continue spreading further into the Wilderness, up the North Fork of the Middle Fork Tule River drainage.

The lightning caused Meadow Fire, located east of the Trail of 100 Giants in the Western Divide Ranger District, is being managed to achieve resource benefits. This fire has reached an estimated 1724 acres in a forest of mixed conifer impacted by the recent tree mortality. Interior pockets of dry vegetation continue to smolder and burn. Activity is expected to increase as humidity decreases over the weekend, crews may add fire to the ground to strengthen holding lines and direct the fire to where it would do the most benefit.

Visitors should be aware of fire traffic along the Western Divide Highway, M50, Last Chance, and Lloyd Meadow Road. Temporary road closures may be necessary to protect the firefighters and the public.

Meanwhile, the human caused Jacobson Fire continues to smolder in the Golden Trout Wilderness, keeping many backcountry trails closed to protect visitors.  The lightning caused Slate Fire near Ponderosa has not spread, but smoke is visible coming from interior pockets of unburned fuel.  Forest firefighters continue to manage the Slate Fire for resource benefits, and additional firing to direct the wildfire into another section of the planning area, may take place if conditions allow.

Fire officials continue to work with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and Forest Service air quality specialists to monitor particulate matter from smoke and share that information with the public, as well as advise them of precautions they can take to reduce their exposure.

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