History in the Comment Section


Main building site at Jordan Hot Springs

Every once and awhile a comment is made directly on the website about a particular trip. It could be sharing a highlight from ones adventure, a close call, or even recalling what things were like several years ago. If you have not seen it already and like history, you may want to check out the buzz around the Jordan Hot Spring trip on the Inyo NF side of the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Following a description of the day trip to Jordan Hot Springs there is a new slide show of the old resort. You can still see the remnants of the area today to the south of the hot springs themselves. What adds to the history are personal stories from visitors of this site talking about when they worked there and what it was like.

If you have stories to share always feel free to leave a comment on the page. It may spark a memory for others or encourage them to visit the spot this next summer season. Enjoy!

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