Last Road Conditions Update for May

Many of the roads remain closed due to snow. Here is the final day in May report of the current road conditions to access the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Sequoia National Park opens their road to Mineral King. Just expect to see snow along the way.

Sequoia National Forest conditions remain the same. The only main access to the wilderness is going up Lloyd Meadow Road to Jerkey Meadow TH. The road out to the Forks of the Kern TH is going through some clean up. People have traveled out to the TH, but the road has been reported being “rough.” It is recommend to wait until the road has been “cleaned up.” Sherman Pass is still blocked with snow.

Inyo National Forest remains the same. According to the Inyo NF website, the Horseshoe Meadow Road is open, but closed at a gate approximately 1.5 miles from the trails. Best to wait a little while longer for the road to be cleared completely.

Mountain Home State Forest has both Balch Park and Bear Creek roads open (i.e. the loop). However, access to Shake Camp and other areas leading into the Golden Trout Wilderness are still closed.

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