Trip Report: Summit Lake

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Over the weekend Scott Williams decided to take a hike up to Summit Lake located just inside the National Park boundary. It is a popular 7.6 mile one way trek up to the lake and an alternative route for accessing Maggie Lakes. The start of the hike begins in Mountain Home State Forest at Shake Camp, hikes into the western edge of the Golden Trout Wilderness, and concludes a few hundred yards in the National Park. Here is what Scott had to say about his trip.

Hiked up to Summit Lake from Shake Camp 6/16 to 6/18. The lake is 80% frozen over and no camp spots anywhere around the lake. Just below the lake there was a nice camp spot under the waterfall. The stream crossings were not bad, only knee height.

Thank you Scott for sharing the info and photos! If anyone plans on heading out this season at anytime, please consider sharing your photos and trip reports. It is a big help to so many users who visit the site to plan out their summer adventure.

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  1. Brook Tree says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!


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