Wildfire Update – Schaeffer Fire


Photo from InciWeb

Some of you may have been following a wildfire outside of the Golden Trout Wilderness called the Schaeffer Fire. The lightning caused fire is east of the Forks of the Kern area and burning in the old McNally Fire scar of 2002. More info can be read HERE. The fire is currently around 10,000 acres in size.

There is a possible closure at Sherman Pass as a result. Users going this route are advised to make other plans if the fire crews decide to close the road. Here is what is being reported online:

Proposed road closure of Sherman Pass Road from the Sherman Pass Vista Point to Troy Meadow Campground due to smoke, fire fighter traffic and fire progressing toward road. Please consider alternative routes if possible.

There are no reported closures online regarding access to trails within the Golden Trout Wilderness. Users are strongly encouraged to call the Forest Services offices before heading out to know the latest on the fire situation. One would expect to have visual if not air quality impacts (smoke) due to the wildfire. Of course, this depends on where you are at in the wilderness too.

Plan accordingly and be safe! Will keep you posted on any changes that may impede your journey into the Golden Trout Wilderness.

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1 Response to Wildfire Update – Schaeffer Fire

  1. soulpowa says:

    I was in Seq NF over the last weekend, and the smoke was definitely visible (and filled your nostrils) in the immediate vicinity of the Troy Meadow campground area, especially in the afternoon. I didn’t realize it was burning before i went up there. The smoke was blowing east and south at the time, so once you moved north of the Blackrock visitor center, it cleared up quite a bit, and is basically gone around the Blackrock Trailhead. Hiking into the Golden Trout Wilderness towards Casa Vieja, you don’t really smell it or see it at all, but of course, I imagine this could easily change based on the wind conditions.

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