Wildfire: Indian Fire up to 325 Acres


Photo from InciWeb

The Indian Fire is estimated to be 325 acres and 0% contained. It continues to grow slowly to the north and east. Three helicopters are being used to cool the fire’s edge and slow fire growth to confine and contain the fire.

Fire behavior includes creeping and smoldering between dead and down trees with moderate uphill runs when slope and fuels align.

The fire is burning in the 2002 McNally Fire footprint in whitethorn brush and Jeffrey pine at 8,400 ft. Snags (standing dead or dying trees) present a substantial safety concern for fire crews, so only aerial resources are being used at this time.

There is currently no threat to life or property.

The forest has implemented an emergency closure of the following trails:

  • Casa Vieja to Red Rock Meadow via Jordon Hot Springs
  • Casa Vieja to Red Rock Meadow via Lost Trout Creek (Beer Keg Meadow)
  • Red Rock Meadow to Templeton Cow Camp
  • Red Rock Meadow to Little Whitney Meadow

These closures are due to the fire and due to the substantial hazard created by falling snags. Hikers are advised to avoid this and the nearby area during the fire response. Fire crews are using Jordon Hot Springs for fire operations.

Smoke is visible and drifting into the southern Owens Valley near Olancha as well as areas throughout the southern Sierra.

The fire appears to be lightning-caused and ignited on August 2. It is burning in the Golden Trout Wilderness, near Indian Head Peak, north of the Jordon Hot Springs.

From InciWeb:


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