Wildfire: Indian Fire has Slight Growth

The Indian Fire in the Inyo National Forest side of the Golden Trout Wilderness grew slowly today. The fire is now at 2,624 acres with 20% containment. New information was released regarding what fire crews are doing with the fire.

Fire behavior has moderated with minimal new growth in the last 24 hours. Crews are continuing to construct direct and indirect hand line between Jordon Hot Springs and Indian Head in the Golden Trout Wilderness. Pumps and hoselays have been deployed to begin securing handlines and protect nearby cabins in Long Canyon and Ninemile Creeks if needed. Significant progress has been made over the last couple of days due to the tremendous efforts of ground resources, aviation resources, Inyo NF and BLM Bishop Field Office’s local Type 3 Incident Management Team.

Firefighter safety is the top priority. Snags (standing dead trees), heavy surface fuel loading, decadent brush and rugged terrain remain a substantial safety concern. Crews are taking all necessary measures to avoid or mitigate these hazards. In addition to handlines, crews are using existing trail systems and natural barriers for containment using Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) to help protect wilderness values and character in the Golden Trout Wilderness. Crews are also being supported by US Forest Service pack stock. There is currently no threat to life or property.

The horse coral at the Black Rock Trailhead is currently full, which is being used by the U.S. Forest Service pack stock.

The forest has ordered a closure of the following trails due to the fire and the substantial hazard created by falling snags:

Casa Vieja to Redrock Meadows via Jordon Hot Springs
Casa Vieja to Redrock Meadows via Lost Trout Creek
Redrock Meadows to Templeton Cow Camp
Redrock Meadows to Little Whitney Meadow


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