Wildfire Update: Pier Fire at 55% Containment!


Photo from InciWeb

The Pier Fire is now at 55% containment. The size has grown to 26,748 acres. Some suppression repair is occurring to minimize erosion issues and impacts to potential cultural and natural resources. Roads are still closed, so plan your fall trip into the western side of the Golden Trout Wilderness according. Below is the latest official news from InciWeb.

Pier Fire Information: 916-203-7438, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Tulare Co. EOC: 559-623-0200 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Email: pierfireinfo@gmail.com

Size: 26,748 acres

Fire Start: August 29, 2017

Containment: 55 percent

Location: Highway 190, east of Springville

Total Personnel: 1,819

Cause: Human caused, under investigation

Resources: Crews 35, Helicopters 8, Engines 138, Dozers 22, Water Tenders 14

Yesterdays public meeting was livestreamed on Facebook, watch the meeting on TC Facebook filmed by Tulare County Fire Department. An evening update will no longer be distributed, expect a morning update by 9 a.m.

Fire Summary: Last night, firefighters patrolled and mopped up along the containment lines on the western and northern portions of the fire. Firing operations will continue today from Rogers Camp towards Coy Flat to widen the perimeter line to keep fire from moving past it. Additional reinforcement and firing will continue today in those areas.

Firefighters will continue to prepare and improve line on the south edge of the fire on the Tule River Indian Reservation in preparation for a firing operation. Some ignition began in the Blue Canyon area. When conditions are right, fire will be carried across to tie in with the perimeter lines near Solo Peak and Rogers Camp.

Fire suppression repair (impacts directly caused by firefighting efforts or activity) continues on the western and northern portions of the fire. This work will be done along those contained lines at the same time as firing and suppression efforts occur along the east and south perimeters. Watch a video on the SQF facebook page of Incident Commander Mike Minton, or Operations Chief Keith Gurrola as they describe the strategy for continuing firing operations near Camp Nelson and on the Tule River Indian Reservation.

Evacuations: Tulare County has two levels of evacuations: voluntary and mandatory. Mandatory evacuations are issued when the fire poses an imminent threat to life and property. There are currently no voluntary evacuations. Mandatory: Sequoia Crest, Mountain Aire, Rogers Camp, Pierpoint Springs, Cedar Slope, Camp Nelson, Doyle Springs, Alpine Village, Wishon

Evacuation Center: As of 8 pm Friday evening the Red Cross shelter in Porterville was closed, there were no longer any evacuees that were sheltered at that location. They are equipped to reopen if needed. For additional assistance, please contact Red Cross at 661-324-6427 ext. 6510.

Area Closures: Sequoia National Forest trails, roads, and lands around the Pier Fire are closed (Closure Order No. 0513-17-34, https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/5548/39662/. CAL FIRE has closed Mountain Home State Forest, and Tulare County has closed Balch Park. All areas are closed until the fire is brought under control. Suppression repair work will take additional time after the fire is contained; recreationists should plan ahead.

Hard Road Closures: The following roads are closed to all traffic:

Cow Mountain Road at its intersection with Rio Vista Road.

Highway 190 east of Springville is closed at Upper Rio Vista Road to eastbound traffic.

Highway 190 north of Ponderosa is closed at Forest Road 21S50 to westbound traffic.

Smoke: Information for the levels of smoke in communities affected by the Pier Fire; http://wildlandfiresmoke.net/outlooks/2017/Pier#Main

People with respiratory conditions, young children, and elderly people may be susceptible to adverse effects. Air District officials urge residents to follow their doctor’s advice. For more information, see https://www.cdc.gov/features/wildfires/index.html or http://valleyair.org/wildfires.htm

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