Wildfire Update: Pier Fire at 30,000+ Acres


Photo from InciWeb

The Pier Fire is now at 60% containment. The size of the fire is approximately 30,571 acres. Road closures are still in place too. Here is the latest on the fire.

Firing operations were delayed due to recent thunderstorm activity that brought erratic winds and brief showers to some areas of the fire. Despite weather conditions, firefighters were able to hold the fire within the current perimeter. Crews continue to identify and address hazard trees and debris in Rogers Camp, Mountain Aire, as well as between Mahogany Flat and Pierpoint Springs on Highway 190.

Fire suppression repair continues along dozer lines on the northern perimeter of the fire. Crews continue to mop-up and patrol fireline on the eastern edge near Camp Nelson. The 6 acre spot fire near Pierpoint Springs on the south side of Highway 190 is being monitored and crews are making progress utilizing existing dozer lines to secure it.

Firefighters will continue to patrol and mop-up containment line along Forest Road 21S94 between Coy Flat Campground and Rogers Camp. Anticipate increased smoke on the eastern perimeter of the fire due to interior pockets of vegetation burning.

Firefighters will continue firing operations along the 2¼ Road south toward Pine Flat Road on the Tule River Indian Reservation when conditions allow. Smoke and fire may be visible from firing operations once they commence, as well as from interior pockets of vegetation.

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