Wildfire Update: Lion Fire at 200 Acres

Lion Fire Picture 9_26

Photo from InciWeb

On the Sequoia National Forest side of the Golden Trout Wilderness, a wildfire was discovered near Lion Meadow. It is currently at 200 acres. The official new release is below.

Forest fire managers have discovered a lightning-caused wildfire in the Golden Trout Wilderness near Lion Meadow. Approximately 200 acres have burned in the Lion Fire on both public and private land located in this remote wilderness area inside the Sequoia National Forest.

Part of Lion Meadow is privately owned by R.M. Pyles Boys Camp. Crews are implementing structure protection by constructing fireline as the wildfire burns within and around the private property.

“Suppression planning decisions are in alignment with a confine and contain strategy,” stated District Ranger Eric LaPrice. “Confine and contain is limiting the fire spread to a defined area primarily using trails and natural barriers. This strategy will limit risk to firefighters in this remote area scattered with standing dead trees.”

Additionally, fire managers will use Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) to help protect wilderness character. At this time, there are currently no closures associated with this fire.

Backpackers should anticipate smoke settling into the valleys in the late evening and early morning hours. This is based upon inversion patterns that hold the smoke in low-lying areas. In the evenings, down canyon winds may push the smoke down the Kern River drainage.

Nearby communities may see and smell smoke. Fire managers will be working with the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District to monitor smoke emissions and their impacts.

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