Wildfire Update: Lion Fire Grows and Trail Closures Released


The Lion Fire is now over 10,000 acres in size! Trail closures have been official released and can be read in the Forest Order. The latest information about the fire can be read below.

The Lion Fire has now grown to 10,250 acres. It is burning slowly south of Coyote Peaks in the Golden Trout Wilderness of the Sequoia National Forest. The fire is backing down White and Angora Mountain ridges and working its way through the steep and rocky terrain south towards the Old Fish Fire. Crews continue to concentrate efforts to contain the fire along routes where firefighters can work safely while avoiding stands of dead trees and inaccessible terrain.

The fire is being suppressed with a confine and contain suppression approach. A confine and contain suppression strategy will keep the fire in a planned area, by constructing fireline, along with natural barriers limiting the fire’s spread. This strategy will allow for the mitigation of known and anticipated hazards to our firefighters while providing the highest probability of success.

Crews have mopped up hot spots directly adjacent to structures, and continue to monitor and patrol the private property adjacent to Lion Meadow. Fire crews have implemented structure protection operations by constructing fireline as the wildfire burns around this property, as well as providing structure protection at Grey Meadow and Trout Meadow.

Smoke Impacts:

As high pressure slowly builds over the region for the next few days nearby communities should continue to anticipate smoke settling into the valleys in the late evening or early morning hours, lifting in the afternoon each day. You can learn more about air quality and smoke by visiting either www.airnow.gov or www.valleyair.org,

For current information Lion Fire and daily smoke outlooks for nearby communities, visit https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5626/

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